IBA Group – Partner of the 2017 HR Brand Award Ceremony

IBA Group attended the 2017 HR Brand Award Case Conference and participated in it as a partner. The event was held on December 7 at Renaissance Minsk Hotel.
The HR Brand Award is an annual contest held to popularize the best HR projects and provide the professionals with an opportunity to exchange experiences and get acquainted with the best HR practices and trends. The Conference speakers are the Judging Panel members, nominees and invited experts. In IBA Group Human Resources Management is receiving considerable attention, as the intellectual capacity of the people, their qualification and development potential in any business, and IT companies in particular, today are key to the business competitive advantage. In IBA Group in-house software products are used to manage the corporate HR.

In 2015 IBA Group was selected the winner in HR Brand Award contest special category Choice of Professional Community for its software product Talent Constructor – Personnel Competency Management Portal, and also won the second prize in the category Republic.

The software product Talent Constructor is ever-evolving. Today this is already a family of software products, and at the HR Brand Award conference in 2016 and 2017, we presented a far more ambitious refreshed update of the product designed to address the contemporary HR issues and challenges of effective human resource management. At 2017 HR Brand Award conference Andrey Lepeev, Ph.D. Sciences, Director of the 2nd Department for Software Development, IBA IT Park, in his conference report Human Resource Management. IT View spoke about the experience the company gained through the use of non-standard personnel management practices in IBA Group.

In addition, he presented the innovative and more effective approaches realised while digitizing our customers’ HRM. “Over the past decade it has become obvious to the market leaders that it is the knowledge-based professions that will determine the success of each company,” A. Lepeev said. – “It gave a new global impulse to the realm of personnel management. While previously HRM mainly focused on manpower inventory and payroll compliance with the law, today the main question is: how effectively does the company employ, develop, motivate and use its personnel. It so happened that this trend has coincided with the rapid evolution of information technology. As a result, modern IT capabilities have allowed the creation of novel approaches to personnel management”.

At IBA Group exhibition stand, the Conference participants could collect promotional materials, as well as have their professional photo taken in the Talent Constructor Photo Zone. At the Award Ceremony, A. Lepeyev presented a special prize from IBA Group to Gazpromneft-Belnefteprodukt for the project Mobile training for LLC Gazpromneft-Belnefteprodukt regional gas stations employees and the HR-Brand statuette to the company Izi Standard, the winner in Choice of the Professional Community category for the project Success is Everyone’s Business.
Based on the outcomes of participation in 2017 HR-Brand Award Case Conference IBA Group and Talent Constructor were awarded diplomas.