Workshop at HR Congress

On September 25, Artur Motin, IBA Group Human Resources Director, conducted a workshop on talent management at the 4th International HR Congress in Minsk.

More than 200 representatives from the leading Belarusian companies, including business owners, HR directors, lawyers, and analysts gathered at the Crowne Plaza hotel.

The congress is a recognized event for the discussion of current trends in HR management. During the conference, speakers share their practical experience based on real cases and present efficient HR projects.

This year, the main topic of the event was the problem of employee management, development, and efficiency in line with business objectives. The program of the congress included reports and workshops from HR specialists. In the first part, four sections simultaneously presented modern issues of employee development according to corporate culture based on modern HR technologies.

Mr Motin conducted a workshop titled Step by Step Construction of Talent Management System. During his speech, he presented Talent Constructor®, a competency-based ERP portal developed by IBA Group. It provides analysis, development, and planning in HR management. The solution allows for finding the right candidate within a company and assigning him or her to a specific job. As a result, HR directors, division heads, project managers, and C-level executives are able to make the most of their staff, while the employees to improve their skills in line with company objectives.

The visitors of the workshop obtained new theoretical knowledge in managing of staff reserve processes, as well as practical skills, such as forming the staff reserve, performing a comprehensive assessment of a team, planning individual growth and a career path of employees, and using KPIs within the system of talent management.

Summarizing the results of the congress, organizers and participants highlighted the importance of the event as the most effective tool for sharing the experience among HR specialists.