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Talent Constructor® is a software product family developed by IBA Group for effective management of organizational capacity.

It is designed for innovative mid–size and large–scale companies that have an array of different competencies and rely on employee development for their success in the evolving business environment.

Talent Constructor® is an ERP system in which a user-friendly interface is combined with powerful functionality. Talent Constructor® is an engine driving the human resource management evolution. All TC products are easily integrated into the existing organizational HRM and can be incorporated whenever needed.

Talent Constructor® can be delivered as packaged product, customized solution and ready to use cloud service. Today the Talent Constructor® family consists of seven products based on a single core software platform.


Description of system components

System Core

Core is the system software foundation, which can host any combination of Talent Constructor products. The Core consists of Platform, User Portal and Competency Model.

Platform :

  • Easily configurable data exchange with external systems
  • Seamless integration of family products
  • Access to online system operation guide
  • Flexible custom work flow approval processes
  • Interactive company’s organizational structure

User Portal :

  • Control panel for executives and HR specialists
  • Dashboard of personal achievements
  • Personal Task Manager

Competency Model :

  • Corporate goals in terms of competencies
  • Wide range of instruments for measuring competencies
  • Competency framework development through employee initiative.


Recruiting ensures timely personnel recruitment. It provides for fast personnel sourcing, thorough selection and successful onboarding.


  • Efficient vacancy advertising
  • Possibility to import external resumes for candidate profiling
  • Ranking of candidates based on multifactor comparison
  • Fully customizable interview questions
  • Comprehensive candidate assessment.


Profiling ensures flexible position profiling in compliance with statutory requirements. The product allows easy grouping of competencies for efficient position profiling.


  • (Building) position success profiles
  • Flexible personal profile update
  • Possibility to position requirements update
  • Corporate-wide understanding of position and performance standards
  • Analysis of employee’s meeting position requirements
  • Optimization of organizational structure by splitting and combining positions
  • Easy tracking of Qualification Certificates
  • Identification of employee potential for business development
  • Easy competency tracking.


Assessment provides insight into the company’s staff capabilities and limitations. It is designed to ensure the accuracy and transparency of assessment and enhance employee confidence in the appraisal system.

Functions :

  • 360 degree evaluation
  • Behavioral indicators
  • Overall assessment of key personnel
  • Built-in last appraisal tracking function
  • Competency assessment during its actual demonstration
  • Expert review of appraisal results in case of conflict
  • Easy processing of feedback from all raters
  • Easy calculation of weighted final overall rating
  • Intelligent notification system
  • Competency enhancing events tracking
  • Applicable for organizations with any type of organizational structure.

Development & Training

Development & Training helps the company receive return on investment in staff development. With this product it is easy to plan and organize talent development.

Features :

  • Efficient in-house training
  • Use of enterprise social network for sharing resources and opinions
  • Managing SMART individual development plans
  • Prompt identification of events matching competency development needs.

Project Teams

Project teams is designed for molding high-performance teams. It provides for competent analysis, and efficient personnel allocation to positions.

Functions :

  • Analysis of project request and company expertise in required area
  • Quick search of employees matching request requirements
  • Creation of high-performance teams
  • Management of cross-divisional teams
  • HR support of the team throughout the project life cycle.

Goals & Performance

Goals and Performance allows estimating of the actual staff performance. The use of the product will help the company form a reliable foundation for staff compensation and benefits.


  • Incentive system based on actual performance results
  • Identification of best and worst performing employees (groups, divisions)
  • Assigning weighting factors to key performance indicators
  • Using different planning horizons
  • Analysis of goals attainability within a year / by the determined work completion date
  • Reconciliation between performance results and employee’s position requirements
  • Parameterization of qualitative indicators.

HR Strategy

HR strategy provides handy tools for analysis and decision making. It fosters HRM transformation into a key business-focused component of the company strategy.

Features :

  • Building the company’s Balanced Scorecard (BSC) and cascading goals down to divisions
  • Providing analytics on gaps in the company’s talent pool
  • Collection and analysis of employees’ input in the company’s business development through competency development
  • Preparation and monitoring of large-scale cross-divisional projects implementation
  • Synchronization of the company’s division-specific operation.
Personal Area

Customizable set of widgets, providing access to the application’s main functions and personal information

Data Analytics

Built-in mechanism for gathering and analysis of analytical information, creating various types of reports and diagrams


Flexible setting of user roles and configuration of business processes, including creation of approval paths


Configuration of the product provides you with the opportunity to set up the system based on your own specific preferences

Business Solution

Depends on your request

Product Out of the Box

Install, configure and use

Customized Solution

Adapted to your Needs

Cloud Service

Fully Ready to Use

HR Brand Award of Belarus 2015

IBA Group wins in the category «Choice of Experts» and receives the second–place prize in the category «Republic» for its project “Talent Constructor – HR Competence Management Portal in HR Brand Award of Belarus 2015”.

On December 9, 2015, the awarding ceremony of HR Brand Award of Belarus 2015 took place at the Renaissance hotel.

HR Brand Award Belarus is an annual independent award for the most successful work in strengthening the reputation of the company as an employer.

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  • HR Brand Award of Belarus 2015

    IBA Group wins in the category «Choice of Experts» and receives the second–place prize in the category «Republic» for its project «Talent Constructor – HR Competence Management Portal in HR Brand Award of Belarus 2015» On December 9, 2015, ...

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